How do I know if I need to see a pedorthist?

If you are suffering from foot pain, irritation, lack of circulation, or are afflicted with a disease that causes any of these problems, you could benefit from professional treatment. Read about common injuries here and contact your doctor to arrange for a referral to Body ‘N’ Sole.

Certified members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) are among the few medical professionals who are educated in the design, fit, manufacture and modification of footwear and foot orthosis (orthotics). These specially qualified individuals are often called upon to fill prescriptions and make recommendations.

Your pedorthist will assess variables that are unique to each foot, such as overall length, heel to ball length and width, all assessed in both a seated and standing position. Other variables, such as bony deformities of the greater and lesser toes, instep height, amputations, ulceration, and biomechanical anomalies such as overpronation or over-supination, in-toeing or out-toeing will be considered during an assessment.

The certified pedorthist at Body ‘N’ Sole has been trained to deal with these and many more complex situations of the human foot. In many cases products such as sole lifts, rocker soles and balloon patches, or changes to the profile of a shoe’s upper may be indicated to treat these disfigurements. A custom made foot orthosis (orthotic) may also be required to deal with specific movement problems, pressure distribution, or impact. As your pedorthic practitioner, Body ‘N’ Sole is qualified to assess and treat these and many other conditions of the foot and lower leg.

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