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Common Injuries & Conditions

Orthopaedic and sports injury bracing has been around for a long time. Along with various types of tendonitis, sprains and strains are the most common orthopaedic injuries. Tendonitis occurs from overuse or improper motion, which causes swelling of the tendons – the tissue that connects the muscle to the bone. Sprains and strains however, generally occur from a single incident causing trauma to the muscles or ligaments.

Over the course of a lifetime, most people will experience some type of foot problem. It may be as simple as a blister or callus, or may be something complicated enough to require hospitalization. The majority of foot problems, though they can be serious in degree, are relatively routine in nature.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort caused by an injury or medical condition that affects the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand, back, hip, knee, foot or ankle, Body ‘N’ Sole can help. Please contact us with your questions or to learn more.

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